Good News: Taxes Are Voluntary

And you thought you had to pay them? Ridiculous! Senator Harry Reid says, “the government doesn’t force you to pay taxes.” Reid says that he “doesn’t accept the phraseology” that the government “forcefully takes money from you.” Really, I am not joking. Oh … and he says that the reason our system is called a…


Smearing Oath Keepers

Mother Jones and The New York Times have published substance-free attack pieces on the constitutionalist organization Oath Keepers (OK). And what are Oath Keepers guilty of? Vowing that they will refuse to violate Civil Liberties! Check out their 10 orders they won’t follow. The only one I could see the left getting upset about is…


American Thinker’s Curious Coverage of Nullification

J. Robert Smith writes A Curious Dalliance with Nullification at American Thinker today.  By using three citations from a single page in a single book, he determines that the idea of nullification is mistaken and that those of us who support nullification as a remedy to federal overreach are misguided.  Here are the the article…


The Tenthers

Nolan Finley is a very conventional columnist for the Detroit News. Nolan has just published a very good column (for the most part) on the Tenth Amendment movement. However, he just has to get in that one little comment that separates him from the radical states’ rights movement (radical … meaning scholarly and “no surrender”):…


Centralizers vs Tenthers on the Economy

“If only D.C. were more like Bejing!” In an article that could have easily been entitled “Abolish the States,” Harold Meyerson of The American Prospect, laments the ways the states have prevented the bureaucrats in D.C. from centralizing even more power. Why? Because the states aren’t draining wealth from their citizens fast enough as the…


Intellectual Consistency on the Left? Now That’s What I Call Progress

Even before recent health care nullification efforts, writers at the Tenth Amendment Center were calling for a federalism-driven debate on standard liberal issues like gay marriage, REAL ID, and medical marijuana. Finally, it seems, someone on the Left has recognized the wisdom of that strategy. I almost fell out of my chair this morning upon…


Eeek, a Dissident Idea

The most important job of regime intellectuals of all stripes, besides promoting wars past, present, and future, and anything else that enhances the glory, power, and centralization of the state, is to smear opponents. Here Salon attacks Tom DiLorenzo and Tom Woods for dissenting from official history. Of course, mullification orginates with Jefferson and Madison…


NY Times Dislikes Anti-Government Movement

The serfs pause in picking the regime’s crops. They raise their heads, and look piercingly at the handsome tax-eater castle on the hill, and wonder about the justice of their plight. The tax-eaters, always unsure of their control over the serfs anyway, grow more nervous, and one of their house organs, the NY Times, expresses…


Question With(out) Boldness: In Which Glenn Beck Jumps the Shark

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear. – Thomas Jefferson At the risk of being redundant, I must join Michael in pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of Glenn Beck’s hatchet job of a radio…


Chris Matthews Smears Debra Medina

Why, she can’t be for (the Principles of 1798 as enunciated in Jefferson and Madison’s Virginia and Kentucky Resolves) nullification and interposition! Who does she think she is, John C. Calhoun? That’s Jim Crow, says the ignorant and evil regime shill Matthews. (Thanks to Travis Holte)

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