Presidential Oversight Board Declares NSA Metadata Collection Illegal

On Jan 23, less than a week after the president released his changes, the PCLOB released a report which declared the bulk collection of metadata approved by the FISC to be unconstitutional and that the illegal practice ought to be immediately discontinued.


Did you budget for Liberty? Because we need 100% Participation!!

Does our family have money to pay for our home in 2014?  Check! Does our family have money for food in 2014?  Check! Does our family have enough to pay essential bills, like energy and water in 2014 ? Check! Have we budgeted for Liberty? Check!!  The Rodriguez 2014 Budget is done.  And funding liberty,…


Texas Wins Abortion Law Appeal

On Oct. 31, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans reversed much of Judge Lee Yeakel’s ruling blocking sections of a tough Texas abortion law.

This will now allow many of the provisions of the Texas Abortion Law to go into effect immediately.

The appellate  judges ruled that the restrictions on doctors can take effect while the lawsuit challenging the law moves forward, according to the Associated Press.