Taking on the Anti-Nullifiers

In the inaugural episode of my new podcast Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I take on the anti-nullifiers. They label us morons and call our efforts to limit federal power through state action illegal. But the anti-nullifiers are wrong. We’re not morons, and we’re not breaking the law. In this episode of Thoughts from Maharrey Head, I explain…


Fox Business: States Rebel Against Federal Government

On an episode of his Cavuto on Business show on the Fox Business Network last week, Neil Cavuto spoke with former governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Cavuto noted, as was sent to the media in a recent Tenth Amendment Center press release, that states are considering over 200 bills to push back against federal power. He asked Johnson why so many states are rebelling against the federal government and why that number has increased so dramatically in recent years.


Kansas ‘Right to Try’ Bill Receives Favorable Mainstream Media Coverage

Kansas State Rep. Brett Hildebrand (R-Shawnee), author of the Kansas Right to Try Act, was recently featured on KAKE TV to discuss HB2004. This is a bill that would expand access for terminally ill patients to experimental drugs not yet approved by the FDA, effectively nullifying the agency’s unconstitutional control.