Interview: The Strategy to Stop NSA Spying, Whether Congress Wants us to or Not

After establishing that we cannot count on Congress, the president or federal courts to rein in the NSA, Maharrey explained the basic strategy and the anti-commandeering doctrine it is based on. He also addressed those who might believe that stopping unconstitutional spying is an impossible task and why we must be bold, and stand and fight.


Why Congressional Reform of NSA is Doomed and What to do About it

On the Scott Horton Show, 11-15-13: Michael Boldin, founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, discusses why Congressional reform of the NSA is doomed to failure while Dianne Feinstein remains on the Senate Intelligence Committee, and using state-level legislation to shut down NSA facilities by denying them electricity and water.

Foreign Cyber Security Expert Schools Americans On NSA and Fourth Amendment

TED TV occasionally encourages ideas that involve revolutionary thinking about the need for less government and this video focusing on the NSA is a great example. Mikko Hypponen promotes action to a global audience, and we would be wise to look outside of our borders for creative ways to stop U.S. government overreach. The video…


Image Gallery from Nullify Now Raleigh

On October 19, 2013 the TAC hosted a conference in Raleigh NC on nullification. Featured speakers included Tom Woods, Mike Church, and Publius Huldah. Pictures thanks to Mike Maharrey, Nicole Revels, and many others who contributed. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success! note – images will load in batches as you…


Pictures from Nullify Now Raleigh

Here’s a first set of pictures from Nullify Now! The event was fantastic, with speakers like Tom Woods, Mike Church, Publius Huldah – plus staples like Mike Maharrey and Jason Rink. These are from our Instagram account – expect to see more soon! We’re very grateful for the sponsorship from folks like Dr. Dan’s Freedom…