David Ratowitz vows to support 10th Amendment

David Ratowitz, candidate for U.S. Congress to represent Illinois’ 5th Congressional District, today signed the Tenth Amendment Center‘s 10-4 Pledge for prospective and current federal officeholders. The pledge aims to bolster support for the 1791 Bill of Rights component that affirms the U.S. Constitution’s principle of federalism, stating that, “The powers not delegated to the…


Casey Anderson, Tenther, for Congress

Casey Anderson is running for the US House of Representatives in Utah’s 2nd District.  He’s also just signed the 10-4 Pledge…10 affirmations and 10 promises on the 10th Amendment. Here’s what he has to say about his campaign, the 10th, and the Constitution: Growing up as a student in public education, I remember always hearing…


John Dennis: Challenging Nancy Pelosi

John Dennis is running for the US House of Representatives in California’s 8th District.  Yes, that’s Nancy Pelosi’s seat.    Mr Dennis takes a strong stand in support of the limits on government that the Constitution stands for.   In this spirit, he’s signed on to our 10-4 Pledge.

The pledge affirms, in part, that:

When Congress enacts laws and regulations that are not made in Pursuance of the powers enumerated in the Constitution, the People are not bound to obey them.

It’s also a promise to do many things, including:


The 10-4 Pledge: Scraping Away Political Teflon

Many times in the world of political struggle, promises are made without disclosure of an ulterior motive.  Not so with the Tenth Amendment Center’s 10-4 Pledge and many are already picking up on what this new tool means for the republic. Last week, Rusty Richter, a state candidate in Michigan, became one of the latest…


Adnan Shahab: Simplicity and the Constitution

Kudos to Adnan. Shahab for being one of the latest to sign on to our 10-4 pledge for the Constitution! Adnan is running for State Assembly in California’s 20th district. With his signed pledge, he’s promised to not only vote for the Constitution – “very issue. Every time. No exceptions. No excuses.” – but, he’s…


Sam Rohrer on State Sovereignty

A big kudos and thank you goes out to Pennsylvania State Representative Samuel E. Rohrer, who has signed our 10-4 Pledge for the Constitution. He’s been out in the forefront of the 10th Amendment movement for some time now.  He authored Pennsylvania’s sovereignty resolution, HR95, and hosted a rally in its support. (video here) And…


1st in Georgia: Michael Frisbee for Congress

Michael Frisbee is the first candidate or legislator in the State of Georgia to have signed on to the Tenth Amendment Center’s 10-4 pledge.   Click here to view all signers. Kudos to Mr. Frisbee for taking a strong, public stand in support of the Constitution! He is running as an independent for US House in…


Debra Medina on State Sovereignty

Debra Medina is running for TX governor in 2010 and is the 24th legislator or candidate to have signed on to our 10-4 Pledge for the 10th Amendment. Kudos, Debra! Here’s what she has to say about state sovereignty, from her website: The Constitution of the United States is a contract between “We the People”…