Tenther Tuesday Episode 2: Federal Gun Control, Obamacare and a Special Thanks

On this episode of Tenther Tuesday, Mike Maharrey and Michael Boldin talk about the Second Amemdment and its erosion over the last 60 years. It’s no longer just a matter of protecting it, we have to take steps to restore it. They also expand on last week’s discussion of state action to bring down Obamacare.…


The Gun Control Battle is a Choice Between a Police State and a Free Society

Gun control proponents often paint the fight over gun rights as a battle between “gun sense” advocates and fringe elements who want dangerous people to have access the firearms. In reality, the conflict is a fundamental choice every society must make. Does it want to live in a police state or a free society?


South Carolina Action Alert: Support Two Bills to Help Nullify Gun Control

Passage of two bills (S.117 and S.125) in South Carolina would virtually nullify all federal gun control measures – past, present and future.

STATUS: Both bills have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they will need to pass by a majority vote before consideration by the state senate.