VIDEO: A Rousing Defense of the Constitution and Nullification

At a time when the Republican establishment is doing everything they can to alienate their constituents, and nullification measures are getting introduced around the country, it becomes more important than ever to step up and put our best foot forward when presenting our ideas to citizens desperately looking for a way to fight back against unjust federal power. Luckily, we have a shining example to follow in constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall who gave an eloquent defense of ObamaCare nullification at the Florida Senate Select Committee on Monday, December 3rd.


“Some claim that [ObamaCare] must be submitted to as law of the land since the Supreme Court made its declaration from on high. This admits that we are not a Republic of sovereign states, but a monarchy. The supremacy clause declares the Constitution to be supreme, not the federal government,” Hall said in her stirring repudiation of the bill.


Is Nullification a Waste of Time?

Stephan Kinsella’s recent blog entry over at had so many good points and principles that….well…just read it….you’ll see. Make sure to click through some of the links for background info as well. ****** On Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, Professor Randy Barnett says he favors the constitutional amendment allowing two-thirds of the States to veto federal law…


Marijuana Legalization as the Blueprint

A recent Fortune Magazine article, “How Marijuana Became Legal” should give Constitutional activists some great ideas on how to approach other issues where the federal government is outside the scope of their constitutionally-delegated powers.  Here’s an excerpt: Over the years the government’s position has become progressively more embattled, if not untenable. Thirteen states now have…