New Jersey: Steps to Oppose Foreign Policy Blowback

Introduced on May 14, 2012,  AJR66  “respectfully urges the President and the Secretary of Defense to withdraw all New Jersey National Guard personnel from Afghanistan.”

The resolution includes statements on the cost and continuation of Operation Enduring Freedom, the sacrifice of multiple tours and the continued  “deployment may leave the citizens of the State of New Jersey vulnerable in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack as the New Jersey National Guard may not have the personnel or equipment to adequately respond to an emergency.

The absence of Vermont’s National Guard helicopters after Hurricane Irene might have served as  a wake up call.  All of Vermont’s urgently needed Black Hawk choppers were in Iraq.

This statement in the resolution seems to address  “blow back” – the CIA’s term for unintended consequences:


End The War

Whether the war is in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan or the many places our government decided to interfere with, there is only one known.  INNOCENT PEOPLE are always hurt or killed.  I will repeat that again since people always tend to forget, INNOCENT PEOPLE are always hurt or killed in war. Conservatives and liberals alike…