Free California

California’s fate today begins to suggest that of Tibet. It is a free and independent place with its own unique culture and vital life force, and its will is clear. But self governance is quashed by autonomous and arbitrary magistrates thousands of miles away.

Here is a proposed amendment for the fledgling California constitutional convention: “No one should judge Californians but Californians. The California Supreme Court is the supreme court in the land. Citizens of any sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious persuasion or lack thereof can be California Supreme Court justices provided that they were born in the state and graduated from a California law school. (Law schools from Massachusetts, Connecticut and London don’t count. Different traditions, different culture, different values.)

The California Supreme Court’s ruling is the final appeal and the supreme law of the land. It can only be overturned by a majority vote in a state referendum.” Because freedom is not free and it must be taken because it is never given.


California Tenth Amendment Center: 420 Friendly

Here’s a blog post I found, or at least the part that relates to California Tenth Amendment Center: “So, will the Teabaggers who support “State’s Rights” even to the point of secession over health care take to the streets and defend California should it legalize marijuana for recreational use?” I can’t speak for the ‘Teabaggers’,…


Obama to California: “Water is Not a Right, It’s a Privilege”

The Central Valley’s water dilemma puts our food supply in jeopardy, not to mention the constitutional relationship between State and Federal government. The big question here- Who gets to make decisions about California’s water and on what grounds?  Read the article HERE Consider that the judicial solution holds that if the fish population is declining, we…


Nullification at Work: California to Legalize Marijuana?

An initiative to legalize marijuana in California has garnered enough signatures for placement on the 2010 ballot, according to its supporters. From NBC: The [regrettably titled] Tax and Regulate Initiative has far more than the nearly 434,000 signatures needed to make the statewide ballot, said Richard Lee, well-known Oakland medical marijuana entrepreneur and the initiative’s…


Nullification: Ballot Drive for Legal Pot in CA

When a state ‘nullifies’ a federal law, it is proclaiming that the law in question is void and inoperative, or ‘non-effective,’ within the boundaries of that state; or, in other words, not a law as far as that state is concerned. While the media of late tends to focus on the new crop of states…