California ‘Right to Try’ Bill to Nullify Some FDA Restrictions Passes Assembly Committee, 17-0

SACRAMENTO (Apr. 10, 2015) – A California bill that would nullify in practice certain Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules that prevent terminally ill patients from accessing treatments passed unanimously through a state Assembly committee this week. The vote was 17-0.


California Action Alert: Help Nullify FDA Restrictions on Terminally-ill, Support SB715, SB149 & AB159

California SB715, SB149, and AB159 would nullify in practice some FDA restrictions on terminally ill patients. The bills must pass through their committee assignments before the bills can receive full votes in their respective chambers. Take the following action steps to support these important bills.


California Action Alert: Help Protect Terminally-Ill From FDA Restrictions, AB159 and SB149

California AB159 and SB149 would effectively nullify some FDA restrictions on terminally ill patients. AB159 must pass through the Assembly Health Committee successfully, and SB149 must pass through the Senate Rules Committee successfully before the bills can receive full votes in their respective chambers. Take the following action steps to support these important bills.


New Marijuana ‘Controversy’ Being Pushed by Bureaucrats, Newspapers

With the economy struggling and cities going bankrupt left and right, you would think that bureaucrats in the state of California would focus on shoring up the spending problems before expending more precious resources toward a crackdown on medical marijuana. But that is not the case. The Los Angeles City Council voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries back in July, a decision that won the ire of voters.

This unanimous 14-0 bipartisan agreement that cut off commerce and jobs at a time when they are so desperately needed was so reviled by voters that signatures were quickly collected in enough time to get a repeal measure on the ballot in November. With marijuana being more widespread and popular than ever, it is very possible that these bureaucrats will have their prohibition overturned and the medical marijuana industry will be allowed to grow without senseless laws stifling them.

But according to a Sept. 23 editorial in the Los Angeles Times, the medical marijuana industry cannot be allowed to


Sportsbook Showdown: California Moves to Allow Sports Betting

The federal government currently preempts the states regarding the issue of sports gambling, allowing only four states to sanction the activity. This however may change soon, as legislators in California are considering a bill to decriminalize sports gambling in the state. Under the proposed Senate Bill 1390, which was recently approved overwhelmingly by the senate, sports betting would be allowed at licensed gambling establishments, including casinos and horse-racing tracks.

Unfortunately for freedom lovers, the bill is not the result of someone reading Lysander Spooner’s Vices are not Crimes and deciding to let a thousand flowers bloom. It is entirely an issue related to tax revenue generation, itself the result of profligate government.

It’s no secret that plenty of Californians – and folks in all the other states for that matter – place bets on sporting events, despite a federal prohibition. (Isn’t it funny how laws against non-violent behavior with no victim never seem to work out?) Because of this, legislators are hoping to begin regulating this gambling for the purposes of collecting licensing fees and taxes on winnings.

As part of the legislative process the committee researched Nevada’s sports gambling totals and estimated them to be somewhere north of two and a half billion dollars. Given California’s immense budget deficit, even a fraction of that multi-billion dollar industry would help to relieve fiscal strain. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Roderick Wright, said of the “illegal” gambling “We receive absolutely no money from it,” and suggested the state could end up with “a great deal of money” as a result of his bill.


California Ranks Fourth Lowest In Liberty

California: #47 in Freedom Index A study entitled “Freedom in the 50 States: An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom” placed California as one of the least free states in the union with only three states Rhode Island, New Jersey and New York less free.  William P. Ruger and Jason Sorens published the non-partisan study published…


Californians Could Learn a Thing or Two From the Swiss

Examples of centralized control are spoken of frequently- Cuba, USSR and China are the most common.  While it is important to know what not to do as a people, it is even more important to study examples of decentralized nations and the practical benefits of limited, local governance.  Switzerland is one such place, as described…