Connecticut Action Alert: Support HB5217 to Nullify Warrantless Drone Spying

HB5217, a bill in the Connecticut house that would put severe restrictions on the use of drones by law enforcement within the state, was introduced this year. It has been moved to the Joint Committee on Judiciary where it will need to pass through a majority before a vote can be taken in the whole house.

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Connecticut State House Introduces Bill to Nullify Drones

The Connecticut state house is considering a bill which would severely restrict the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) within the state.

House Bill 5217 (HB5217) criminalizes the weaponization of drones and prevents government from using them unless a proper warrant is issued, except for certain emergency situations that are specified in the bill.


CT Attorney General Defends States Rights on Video Games-But Will He on Other Issues?

CT. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, along with other states, is joining a coalition to invoke state’s rights on restricting access to violent video games to minors. Blumenthal is asking the industry to self-police itself as Connecticut has no such law as of now. He compares it to the motion picture industry not allowing minors to see “R”…


Tenth Amendment Legislation Moves Forward in Connecticut

Grassroots activists from around Connecticut gathered at the capitol complex Wednesday, February 17th, to join me and a coalition of legislative leaders in announcing that the Government Administration and Elections Committee (GAE) will raise legislation reasserting Connecticut’s Tenth Amendment rights under the Constitution. Just hours before the press conference scheduled to call on Democrat leadership…