Constitution Day – Live Broadcast

I’m excited to be part of a great broadcast happening in just minutes and running through the evening tonight. Radio host Mike Church is holding a special Constitution Day event featuring his new film, interviews with Jack Hunter, Kevin Gutzman, myself and others (p.s. I’ll be on at 6:30pm Pacific Time) Here’s the PR from…


Constitution Day is Sept 17. Here’s How You can Participate

September 17 is Constitution Day–the day the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia and sent to the states for ratification.

This day SHOULD be a national holiday, but as we have seen in all to many cases, the slow eroding of accurate, proper, and true American history continues and eats away at the links to our Founding that are so critical to the future of our Republic. This is clearly being done on purpose by the left and the educational bureaucracy that wishes to rewrite and erase the TRUE story of our Founding and the great men and stories behind it.

But you can do your part in reconnecting with the tand maybe bring a few people along with you!


Every day should be Constitution Day

Writes Josh Eboch: We the People must stop allowing our founding documents to be marginalized as artifacts of a long-dead history. We must demand that our natural rights, partially enumerated and fully protected by the Constitution, be recognized, respected, and restored. If we would deserve the freedom that has been passed down as our birthright…


The Key to our Future

Writes Rich Hand, a good friend of the Tenth Amendment Center: “Celebrate Our Constitution; It’s Not Just About Our Past, It’s the Key To Our Future…” The future of the United States lies in the words of this historic document. We don’t need reform; we need compliance with our current Constitutional law. We must know…


What Happened to the 10th Amendment?

According to Bob Unruh at World Net Daily, “A new wave of revolution in support of individual and states rights is developing across the United States…” Whether on the left or the right, a growing number of people are recognizing that one-size-fits all solutions are the worst possible “solution” to issues in this country.  In…