Protecting Rights: D.C. is the Worst Choice for the Job

Yesterday, in response to the Kansas Senate passing SCR1615 (Sovereignty Resolution) a Kansas reporter asked me the following question: the kansas senate has adopted a resolution affirming the state’s 10th amendment rights. the amendment supports the repeal of all federal laws that compel the state to do something. some legislators here say that means the…


What the heck is Federalism?

Americans have discovered or invented many significant things, but by far, the most significant is federalism. It is uniquely American and it has led to the most free and prosperous society in the history of civilization. The single most important principle of government that sets America apart from the rest of the world, is federalism.…


Only the States can stop the Feds now

It is completely out of control in Washington DC. We have a bunch of bumbling idiots in charge of the treasury and the country’s future. Talk of trillion dollar deficits, cap and trade, bailouts, tax welfare to those that don’t pay, taking over our healthcare and economy; like in the Meatloaf song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” where the woman screams – “STOP Right There, before we go any further do you love me, will you never leave me…”

The state Governors must pull out their pocket constitution and read the 10th amendment carefully for their next step in strategy. Instead of putting their hands out, they should be shutting the door on the federal government. As Raficki in the Lion King says to Simba- “It is time…”