The Declaration of Independence Did Not Birth a New Nation

Many people consider Independence Day the “birthday of America.” During a speech at the Oakland County, Michigan, Campaign for Liberty, historian Dave Benner unravels this myth, asserting that the Declaration did not create a new “nation,” but in fact merely asserted the independence of 13 individual political societies from Great Britain.

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Refreshing the Spirit of Liberty

It is remarkable just how much the situation of the states today resembles the situation of the colonies prior to the War for Independence with Great Britain. As our Patriot forefathers before us, we are met with a corrupt, distant government – theirs in London, ours in Washington, D. C. – intent on concentrating all…


A “New” Declaration of Independence

This last Saturday, January 30, 2010, following a Saturday where our phone lines melted down when we asked a simple question; what Right’s have been taken from you or encroached upon by the Federal Government?  While we weren’t surprised by the volume of calls, we were surprised about the specificity of the calls…people were VERY aware that…