Supreme Court gets the Constitution right, for once

In an overwhelming 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the odious Westboro Baptist Church and the First Amendment. That is, the amendment which protects ALL speech, not just politically-correct, state-approved speech. Bravo. The nine highest-paid federal judges in the land have proved themselves capable of comprehending the plain language of the Constitution. Why then,  we…


Virginia Blogger Calls Tenthers “Intellectual Boobs”

Dan Casey of the Roanoke Times recently embarrassed himself with a juvenile, ad hominem attack on the Tenth Amendment movement titled “The Whole Tenth Amendment Business is Dumb and Crazy.”

While it’s unclear whether Casey actually expected his “arguments” to be taken seriously, it is clear that he cannot make his point through the use of logic or fact. Therefore, Casey’s piece is chock full of historical inaccuracies, mis-characterizations and outright falsehoods regarding the original intent and meaning of the Constitution.

So many, actually, that I cannot list them all here. However, I did respond point by point in a piece of my own to be published soon.

Here is a sample:


Many and Vague

Here’s a letter to USA Today by Don Boudreaux: Sandra Day O’Connor and George Nethercutt are correct that too many Americans lack sufficient understanding and appreciation of U.S. history and of the meaning of this nation’s founding documents (“Celebrate America by learning about her,” July 3).  In no group of Americans does this ignorance run more…


DC is Busy

But not on anything you would expect from a government adhering to the Constitution. Healthcare, financial markets, petroleum exploration and extraction, economic activity, immigration, national ID cards, cap and trade, smoking, transfats & salt, CAFE; gun control, taxes, price controls on labor, electricity, and banking. The list goes on. No matter how well intentioned, there…


An Open Letter To The Oregon Legislature

I have been blogging on this website for several months now, and it appears most of the legislature of the great state of Oregon simply ignores their duty to police the Federal Government’s enumerated powers and ensure they do not grow beyond their authorized scope (as set forth in the U.S. Constitution). Unlimited government is…


Unconstitutional on its Face

Considering all of the legal ambiguity over national healthcare, not only is such a legal challenge necessary, it was fully expected by even Congress’s most ardent supporters of national healthcare because they knew they were wading into unchartered constitutional waters from the moment they pressed the yes button. Congress may be able to tax and…


Tenth Amendment vs Healthcare

While attending a recent “Town Hall” meeting with my congressional representative I was offered the opportunity to ask the following question: Where in the Constitution does it authorize the federal government to regulate HEALTHCARE? The answer that I received, which is also the correct one…IT DOES NOT. Perhaps if people nationwide would ask their respective…