Today in History: President Washington Delivers the First Annual Address to Congress

On January 8, 1790, George Washington delivered the first regular annual message before a joint session of Congress. He did so in the Senate chamber of Federal Hall in New York City, the provisional U.S. capitol at that time. From Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate: Washington was acutely aware that as the nation’s first president, he…


The Spirit and Intent of our Constitution

“The adoption of the Constitution will demonstrate as visibly the finger of Providence as any possible event in the course of human affairs can ever designate it.” ~  George Washington

Adherence to the spirit and intent of our Constitution was so important to our Founding Fathers that one of the first acts of the First Congress in 1789 was to pass the verbiage for the Oath of Affirmation of office in compliance with Article VI of our Constitution.

George Washington was administered the Oath of Affirmation of office, as prescribed by Artlcle II, Section I, on April 29, 1789, to which he added: “So help me God.”  He then made a few brief remarks: