Interview: Today’s Resistance to the FDA, NSA, DEA, and Other Evils

This week, I returned for my 11th appearance on the Tom Woods show to discuss our 2017 State of the Nullification Movement report. From Tom: Michael Boldin, founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, talks about a wide variety of resistance movements at the state level against the federal government. Nullification: it’s happening!…


Interview: Tennessee 2nd Amendment Preservation Act is 1st Step to Ending Federal Gun Control

“The federal government, quite frankly, doesn’t have the resources to go it alone”

Tenth Amendment Center​’s Scott Landreth interviewed in Tennessee on passage of SB1110 there, an important first step to ending federal gun control in that state.

Host, David Tulis Hot News Talk Radio 1240 1190 910 AM
Date: 04-14-15


TN-TAC on WIVK’s Sound Off

Lesley Swann, State Coordinator for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, was the featured guest on Knoxville’s WIVK “Sound Off” radio show on July 4. Host Josh Blanchard and Lesley discussed the Tea Party movement and the Tenth Amendment during the show. cross-posted from the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center Play in new window | Download


When States Nullify, it’s not Rebellion – it’s Duty

Michael Boldin interviewed by Brian Wilson on News Talk 1370 WSPD in Toledo, OH on the 10th Amendment, Nullification and the tour. Michael will be speaking in Ft. Worth, Orlando, Chattanooga and Phoenix. reserve your tickets today! “When states nullify, it’s not rebellion – it’s duty.” “Anything that the federal government does outside the…