Obama Admin: We Lied, Health Care Mandate IS a Tax

Remember when the socialists were telling us all the lies about their unconstitutional government health care bill? Remember the lies about how we supposedly weren’t going to be required to buy health insurance…even though their law clearly says we will?

Even though their bill has a new payroll deduction systemto rob you before you even get a chance to see all the money you’ve earned?

Remember how socialists like Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) insisted this new government requirement for you to fork over your money for health care insurance you may not want isn’t a tax?

Well, now that they have their way, the socialists are starting to admit that, yes, it is a tax.


No Liberty with Negative Equity

Individual liberty cannot exist in a country where un-funded obligations, plus its current debt, surpass the total value of all private assets. This is an immutable law of nature and is the condition that exists today in our country. Approximately 12 trillion debt (source U.S treasury), 14 trillion Social Security obligation, 18 trillion (Rx Drugs)…