Constitution Day is Sept 17. Here’s How You can Participate

September 17 is Constitution Day–the day the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia and sent to the states for ratification.

This day SHOULD be a national holiday, but as we have seen in all to many cases, the slow eroding of accurate, proper, and true American history continues and eats away at the links to our Founding that are so critical to the future of our Republic. This is clearly being done on purpose by the left and the educational bureaucracy that wishes to rewrite and erase the TRUE story of our Founding and the great men and stories behind it.

But you can do your part in reconnecting with the tand maybe bring a few people along with you!


Mike Church Interviews Tom Woods

On his Sirius/XM satellite radio show, Mike talks the dangerous idea of nullification–dangerous to tyranny, that is–with Tom. Listen. Writes Mike: There seems to be a disconnect among “conservatives” between opposing Leviathan as a way of life, a responsibility of republican citizenship, and opposing Leviathan because a tyrant is at its helm. Tom Woods cuts…


Ron Paul on Nullification: ‘I Think it’s a Great Idea’

Ron Paul, in the 2nd part of his recent interview on the Mike Church show (click here for part 1), talks about the constitution, foreign policy, national defense, and most importantly for this post – nullification. For years, the good Dr. has been a staunch supporter of the Constitution – and is probably the only…