Missouri Action Alert: Help Nullify Federal Hemp Ban, Support HB830 and SB255

Missouri HB830 and SB255 and would legalize industrial hemp for production, and effectively nullify the federal ban.

STATUS: HB830 passed through two committees and moves to the House floor. SB255 must pass through the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee successfully. Take the following action steps to support these important bills.


Missouri Action Alert: Help Federal Ban on Hemp Farming, Support HB701, HB830, and SB255

Missouri HB701, HB830, and SB255 would legalize industrial hemp for production, effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same. HB701 is in the House Emerging Issues Committee, HB830 is in the House Economic Development and Business Attraction and Retention Committee, and SB255 is in the Agriculture, Food Production and Outdoor Resources Committee. The bills must pass through their committees successfully before they can receive full votes in their respective chambers.


Missouri Action Alert: Help Stop License Plate Tracking, Support SB196

Missouri SB196 is a strong step towards a full ban on license plate tracking in the state. It must pass successfully through the Senate Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee before it can receive a full vote in the state senate. Take the following steps to support the bill.