Demagogue Chris Matthews’ Latest Cheap Shots at Nullification

It seems like we can’t go one day without another fact-free, historically-illiterate, unhinged rant from MSNBC’s top Obama stooge Chris Matthews.

A recent screed took shots at nullification and featured all of the usual absurdities, tying it in with racists and confederates. Desperate to protect his lord and savior Obama during a time that his presidency is plagued with scandal and incompetency, he comes out with the all-too-familiar canard that anyone pushing back against his agenda is a ‘racist.’


Opponents of Fox News Demonstrate Rare Hypocrisy

I’m no Fox News supporter, in fact I regard them as largely an organization that is bad for journalism. This being said, I find it interesting that establishment news hosts who have attacked Fox News and continue to do so on a regular basis have ironically taken up the same tactics of biased reporting and…