Mississippi Bill a First Step to Nullify NDAA Indefinite Detention

A bill up for consideration in the Mississippi Senate would prohibit the state from assisting the federal government in the indefinite detention without due process under provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA), or any other federal acts purporting to authorize such powers.


Are we Done Waiting Yet?

With the recent decision by the Supreme Court not to even hear the case against the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, I have to ask a familiar question to the majority of people who still value the Constitution: are you ready to take the responsibility to defend our governmental charter?

We have the power; we need to get our local leaders to stop the wholesale selling out of our rights.


Arizona Action Alert: Help Pass The Strongest NDAA Nullification Bill in the Country

Arizona SB1291 is a bill which takes strong steps towards nullifying “indefinite detention” powers. While this bill has passed its first committee, it still needs to be approved by another Senate committee before a full Senate vote.