New Hampshire Action Alert: Support HB1620 to Nullify Warrantless Drone Spying

HB1620, a bill in the New Hampshire house that would put severe restrictions on the use of drones by law enforcement within the state, was introduced by Rep. Neal Kurk (R-Hillsborough) on Jan. 8. It was promptly referred to the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.

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Massachusetts legislation would help nullify warrantless drone spying

Legislation has been introduced in the Massachusetts State Senate that would regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to protect the privacy rights of citizens. S.1664, sponsored by Rep. Robert Hedlund earlier this month, has already moved to the Joint Committee on Transportation. The bill bans the weaponization of drones, disqualifies illegally-gathered information from…


Missouri Legislation takes on Warrantless Drone Spying

House Bill 1204 or the Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act was introduced by Rep. Kenneth Wilson (R-District 12) earlier this month. The bill states that “no person, entity, or state agency shall use a drone or other unmanned aircraft to conduct surveillance or observation of any individual, property owned by an individual, farm, or agricultural industry without the consent of that individual, property owner, farm or agricultural industry.”