South Carolina Anti-Drone Bill Introduced

South Carolina State Representatives Dan Hamilton and Greg Delleney have introduced a bill that would ensure unmanned aircraft, known as drones, would not be used for mass surveillance or to gather criminal evidence without a warrant.

Rep. Hamilton stated: “It’s a privacy issue, and it’s a Bill of Rights issue. We are protected by the Bill of Rights to not be searched on our own property without a warrant.”

H. 3514 would amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina to:

“Define necessary terms, prohibit the operation of a public unmanned aircraft system and the disclosure of personal information acquired through the operation of a public unmanned aircraft system, to provide penalties for violation, and to provide exceptions.”

In addition to requiring that surveillance and criminal investigation via drones not be conducted without a warrant, H. 3514 would mandate that individuals investigated in this manner be served a copy of the warrant within a specified time frame, except in the case of extenuating circumstances defined therein.