South Carolina Bill Would Put Hemp Program Into Full Effect, Nullify Federal Ban in Practice

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Mar. 25, 2015) – In 2014, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed S.839 into law, authorizing the growing and production of industrial hemp within the state. Last week, a bill was filed in the state Senate to put this new law into practical effect and nullify the federal ban on the same, in practice.


South Carolina Action Alert: Help Legalize Industrial Hemp, Nullify the Federal Ban, Support S559

South Carolina S559 expands on the 2014 state law legalizing industrial hemp by creating the needed mechanisms to put the law into effect and begin planting. The bill must pass through the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee successfully before it can receive a full state senate vote. Take the following action steps to support this important bill.


South Carolina Action Alert: Support Two Bills to Help Nullify Gun Control

Passage of two bills (S.117 and S.125) in South Carolina would virtually nullify all federal gun control measures – past, present and future.

STATUS: Both bills have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where they will need to pass by a majority vote before consideration by the state senate.


ACTION ALERT: Help South Carolina Nullify the NDAA!

The senate finance committee is considering a bill, S. 1184, to amend state law, effectively nullifying sections of the NDAA authorizing indefinite detention. The bill prohibits the agencies of the state and its subdivisions, including their officers and employees, acting in official capacity from “[engaging] in any activity that aids an agency of the armed forces of the United States in execution of [the NDAA], in the investigation, prosecution, or detainment of any citizen of the United States in violation of Section 3, Article I, and Section 14, Article I of the South Carolina Constitution.”

S. 1184 was introduced February 7, 2012, and now sits in committee with two sponsors; an additional two sponsors have signed on from other committees. Given recent passage of Virginia’s own nullification of the NDAA, let’s continue this trend and send yet another message to the politicians in D.C. – we won’t allow them to abridge our liberties.

You are urged to contact individual members of South Carolina’s Senate Finance Committee, politely explaining why S. 1184 will help restore liberty and continue in the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. Should this bill pass, South Carolina will be the second state to reject the Feds and their unconscionable, unconstitutional NDAA.