Tim Baldwin on Alex Jones

Tenth Amendment Center contributor, Timothy Baldwin, was recently interviewed on the Alex Jones show.  Tim’s written a number of great articles on state sovereignty and the 10th Amendment – which are definitely worth your time if you haven’t read them yet.

The interview here (in 2 parts on YouTube) was focused on his recent post, Freedom’s Destruction through Constitutional Deconstruction.

Part 1



How YOUR State Should Respond to Obama’s Health Care Reform

Obama’s health care reform will likely pass in some form even with the efforts of those who have bravely railed against such lunacy. The dorks on Capitol Hill aren’t concerned with a majority of Americans who oppose such poppycock. Neither are these elitists troubled that the States are being sucked of every ounce of power which the constitution squarely reserves to them. In my estimation, these political punks are starting to look as the European tyrants must have looked to our Beloved Founding Fathers some 233 years ago.

Unfortunately, the health care bill is certain to soil everyone’s britches when they see just how much their taxes will go up! I believe the protests should continue, but I also believe that now is the time for the States to step in and declare their right to reject the Federal usurpation of its authority. It’s time for a Declaration of Nullification by each State. And believe it or not, nullification is an American political tradition which goes all the way back to Founders Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.


Another Victory for the States

Skeptical statists will tell you that the 10th Amendment doesn’t have teeth, that is has not been backed by the the Supreme Court, that we who are rallying behind it are a silly novelty.  They are greatly missing the point.

The Tenth Amendment movement does not wait for approval from Federal lawmakers or courts to be validated, nor does it need to.  The first example in the past decade of state sovereignty scoring a victory without official acknowledgement from DC came when the REAL ID program (Papers please…) came to a grinding halt after multiple states simply said they wouldn’t do it.

What was the response of all powerful Federal behemoth to such insolence?  Not much at all really.

There were no tanks rolling down the streets, no court decisions, no legislative debate- REAL ID simply went away quietly once the states asserted their rightful position under the 10th Amendment to nullify an unconstitutional Federal move.


Iran: The Usual Suspect

Sabre rattling about Iran’s nuclear program was once again everywhere in the corporate media last week.  Despite sounding strangely familiar it was Obama’s administration this time, perceived by many as an ‘anti-war’ candidate before the general election last year. So much for that. Many have analyzed the Iran nuclear scenario and can find no motive…