States Rights, Yes, But That’s Not All

As Jefferson said, the American principle supports the states as versus the central government, the counties as versus the states, the towns as versus the counties, the wards as versus the towns, and the individual as versus all. Radical decentralism is the libertarian principle.

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States readying for 10th Amendment show down

A story today in USA Today begins, “Another congressional delegation went to the White House today to talk with President Obama about a health care bill — and another congressional delegation left without talking to reporters.” This is now the standard operating procedure for this administration’s efforts to force a form of health care insurance…


Utah to Consider States’ Rights Legislation

The Tenth Amendment defines the total scope of federal power as being that which has been delegated by the people to the federal government, and also that which is “necessary and proper” to advancing those powers specifically enumerated in the Constitution of the United States. The rest is to be handled by the state governments,…


They’ve Been Trampling Our Rights for Decades!

The following letter is from Louisiana State Senator, A.G. Crowe to all the other legislators in that state. He’s a 10th Amendment Pledge signer and author of SCR2, Louisiana’s State Sovereignty Resolution, which passed both houses in 2009. Linda and I want to take a moment to let you know that it is an honor…


Texas Declaration of Non-Dependence

Texas Declaration of Non-Dependence We, the citizens of the great state of Texas, reassert that Texas and our people are free. In order to guarantee this freedom for future generations, we hereby petition the federal government to acknowledge and act upon its legal obligation to uphold the Constitution which binds the federal government by: limiting…


Turning Medicaid Against the Feds: Withdraw!

As if we needed another example of how poorly conceived the federal health care “reform” plans are, there’s some very interesting food for thought from two senior fellows at the Heritage Foundation. According to them, if the health care legislation passes Congress in anything like its current form, states would be better off ending the…


A 50 State Revolt can Happen

Here’s how; The Governors of the United States will re-affirm their allegiance to the United States Constitution. Every Governor needs to submit a constitutional amendment to their respective state constitutions to limit the funds taken from their citizens and businesses by the federal government through direct income taxes. The 50 Amendments will read similar to…