If we can not Beat them, Infiltrate them!

In the early days of the USA, One of the worst insults the Founding Fathers could give someone was to refer to them as a PARTY MAN. To be a PARTY MAN meant you put the welfare of your political party above the interests of the country.

Let’s examine the possibility and or fact that the TEA Party movement is causing some disturbances and concern within the ranks of the career politicians/PARTY people.  One of the possible methods to address this issue would be to recognize them, welcome them and infiltrate their ranks.  Something like “If you can’t beat them, join them”


Can we make it stop?

Late last year, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) was asked about the constitutionality of the pending Obamacare legislation. He answered that “most of the stuff we do is not authorized by the Constitution.” Not a surprise to anyone paying attention, and a bit of a lowball estimate, IMHO. The extraordinary thing about this was that it…


The Overton Window: Two Concepts for Activists

Introduction In this essay, we will look at two ideas which effect nullification and Tenth Amendment efforts in America today.  One of these ideas, the idea of incentives, is familiar to all of us.  Another idea, the Overton window, may be less familiar. Incentives People are influenced by incentives.  As Dr. Perry often writes at the…