Nothing to Worry About on Indefinite Detention? Guess Again

As mentioned in Friday’s feature article about the Feinstein-Lee Amendment by Tenth Amendment Center Legal Analyst Blake Filippi, it did absolutely nothing to rectify the loss of rights Americans faced from the indefinite detention provisions in the 2012 NDAA that we are working to nullify throughout the country. However, Senator Mike Lee disagrees about the…


NY Times Alarmed: Tea Party Reading Unapproved Texts

Thanks to Bud Bronstein for this piece by Kate Zernike from the NY Times, “Movement of the Moment Looks to Long-Ago Texts.” Catch the ideological presentism. Instead of just reading the latest approved tomes and today’s issue of the Times, people are learning from “obscure” old books by dead people.

The Tea Party “has resurrected once-obscure texts by dead writers — in some cases elevating them to best-seller status — to form a kind of Tea Party canon. Recommended by Tea Party icons like Ron Paul and Glenn Beck, the texts are being quoted everywhere from protest signs to Republican Party platforms.” The idea of a movement animated by ideas rather than leaders is just right. BastiatHayek, and Mises are magnificent, and also just what one would expect from a movement born in Ron Paulism.


What category do you fall into?

I think the problem is that most of the people in the tea party movement are not true believers in liberty. They are neo-con statist Republicans.

They are also ignorant of the meanings of the words and quotes they use.Remember, I say all this as a founding member of the Orlando Tea Party and someone who has spent the past year and a half of his life fighting in this movement.

This is how I see it: there are two different kinds of tea partiers. There are the younger, more libertarian, Ron Paul tea partiers. We were having tea parties in December 2007.

This is something that Tom Tillison argued with me about. He didn’t believe that Ron Paul supporters were having tea party rallies more than one year before the rest of the country. We were doing it before Obama was elected-during the Bush years. If you don’t believe me, use Google and find the articles for yourself.


Free and Total Reign Over the States? Absolutely Not!

“The US are sovereign on their side of the line dividing jurisdictions, the States on the other. Each ought to have the power to demand their respective sovereignties.”

Andrew Nappi, Florida State Coordinator of the Tenth Amendment Center speaking on the 10th Amendment, State Sovereignty, the Founders and Nullification, on April 17th, 2010.

Tea Party Crashers

From reading this article on the “crash the tea party” movement,  it seems obvious what Mr. Levin thinks about the population at large.  It seems that he believes we all walk around wearing Nazi uniforms and spewing racial hatred.  He can’t have been to a Tea Party rally before because he would have had…


Dick Armey Praises Hamilton, Inserts Foot in Mouth

In its ongoing attempt to take over the “tea party” movement the Republican Party recently dragged out Dick Armey, who promptly placed his right foot directly into his mouth by claiming that all those statist liberals out there do not support the ideas in The Federalist Papers. A member of the audience who I suspect…