Guard the Constitution

“Guard the Constitution” monologue (by Joshua Lyons) on the Jan. 16, 2010 “The Forgotten Men” radio show along with commentary by Mark Kreslins. For the transcript of the Monologue, contact us at Excerpt: its important to understand the nature of how we have gotten here. We as a people, our educational system, the court…


Let Them Eat Health Care

Newsflash: Congressional Democrats don’t care what you think! In fact, they don’t even care what members of their own party think. From a report on Democratic Leaders Plan Secret Health Reform Deliberations Despite their claims to the contrary, the way that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have handled the…


The Latest Edict from our “Supreme” Rulers

Writes Lew Rockwell: The Anti-Federalists predicted that a “Supreme” Court would help pave the way towards tyranny. Now the Nine Creeps have agreed with the Dictator that if he or any of his army of highly paid dependents declares a person to be a suspected enemy combatant (i.e., an enemy of the people), anything can…


Conservative or Liberal: Pick Your Poison

Human nature and history teach us that political labels are used to influence society to accomplish a certain political end. Many times, words used to describe original principles are somehow conquered or hijacked and then proclaimed to be a part of those original principles, but are realistically far from them. As I was growing up, I remember thinking this: “‘liberal’ equals bad and ‘conservative’ equals good.” “Conservative” was proposed to be a word purely describing the principles believed and proclaimed by America’s founding fathers. “Liberal” was proposed to describe those whose only goal was to bring Americans under the control and dominion of the federal government. As it turns out, these words and descriptions were not only misleading and narrow-minded in their application, but they were also incorrect in their origin. Today, neither “conservative” nor “liberal” accurately describe the philosophy and principles they purport to advocate. Consequently, freedom suffers because of America’s ignorance of and infatuation with these labels, contrary to George Washington’s warning of this very tragedy.


Decentralizing Our Federal Government – The Only Viable Solution

As we observe the ignoble acts of the Senate this past weekend and our frustrations grow as we see an ever expanding central government devour more liberty and property, it’s time to state the obvious…we must force Washington DC to decentralize. The 9th and 10th Amendments will be our tool. Implicit in the Declaration and…


American Guinea Pigs

Why is it that federal government terrorism always gets brushed aside in the media? Horrifically, the GAO found that the DOD and other agencies were involved with terrorism against Americans from 1940-1970s. I do not recall the media ever speaking of this back in the 90s.

The report was done in 1994, so I am quite sure a lot more tyranny has taken place since then. The excuse used by these murders is ‘National Security’.

The number of people impacted by these actions will never be known.