Fire Scout Drone Helicopter

West Virginia Bill Takes Action Against Warrantless Drone Spying

House Bill 2732 known as the Freedom From Unwarranted Surveillance Act was introduced by Joshua Nelson (R-Boone) earlier this month and has already amassed 10 co-sponsors. The bill states that “a law-enforcement agency may not use a drone to gather evidence or other information” unless a proper search warrant has been issued and that “no drone operated within the State of West Virginia may carry a lethal payload.”


Bill to Nullify Drone Spying Introduced in New Jersey

Add New Jersey to the long list of states opposing drone operations within their borders.  Drone surveillance activity using unmanned aerial vehicles or “UAVs”  has become an urgent issue threatening the right to privacy, recognized by the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution. Anti-drone legislation recently introduced by Assemblywoman Quijano (D)  and co-sponsored by Assemblywoman…