Utah Action Alert: Help Stop Warrantless Drone Surveillance

On Jan. 30, SB167 was introduced to provide restrictions on the use of drones by law enforcement, providing additional safeguards for Utah residents against warrantless surveillance. (learn about it here) STATUS – SB167 was referred to the Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee where it will need to pass by majority vote before the full…


An Update on the Utah Nullification Project

On Independence Day weekend just a couple months ago, I was reading Tom Woods’ new book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century. As I was reading through the excellent book, I had a realization: if the subject matter was to have any impact on our current political landscape, it needs to get into the hands of the state legislators who can immediately do something about it.

Thus, the Utah Nullification Project was born.


Utah Governor Signs Law Nullifying Real ID

In 2005, the Republican-controlled Congress passed the “Real-ID Act” – which created national standards for driver’s license and identification cards. Opponents across the political spectrum have been resisting it for various reasons – it’s a privacy risk, is yet another unfunded mandate, and most importantly, the exercise of such federal power is not authorized by…


State Sovereignty Resolution heads to Governor’s Desk

Sen. Howard Stephenson introduced the State Sovereignty and Tenth Amendment Resolution, SJR-6, on January 12th. It was created in the spring of 2009 by citizens for citizens. The Utah 9.12 States’ Rights Coalition, with the guidance of Larry Jensen (Utah Grassroots Alliance Coordinator), Chris Strause and many others, formed the message. After looking for someone…