Early in my development as a human being, there was the pledge of allegiance.  There was the National Anthem and of course, the Stars & Stripes.

I grew up in Southern California and now that I have had a chance to deprogram myself (which has taken years) I have some questions- for one, where was the pledge to the California Republic?  Where was my class on the California Constitution…or even just a mere mention of it in one of my other government classes at my government school?

The reality is that my generation was indoctrinated with a very subtle, but dangerous notion- that the Federal Government IS the United States.

There was no mention in my childhood of state sovereignty…not even the briefest mention of the 10th Amendment.  Oh sure, I knew about something called the ‘Bill of Rights’ but all that I can remember being taught was that it was separate from the Constitution, with a sneaky inference that the first 10 amendments were somehow a lesser part of the framers’ vision.

One flag.  One nation.  One ruling body, Washington DC.

This is the situation we all face today as Americans who value the philosophy of our founding fathers.  Despite being an absolute desecration of the founder’s concept of ‘United States’, the ‘Omnipotent Centralized State’ has become zeitgeist through our words, our patriotic displays and our teachings.

It’s a steep hill to climb, but this effect must be reversed if we are to keep our republic.  Deprogramming the masses and awakening once again a pride in one’s state house is more cultural than legal, more art than science but it must be done.  If the territory gained by the Tenth Movement is to stand we will have to find a way to ensure that future generations honor TWO flags in their classrooms, maybe even at ballgames- The Red White and Blue AND the flag of their state.

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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