I went to Salem with Art Crino (from 912) today to discuss sb498 (obamacare nullification)


and the feeling we got from the members of the Healthcare committee was not good. One member even confided in us that he did not even think it would come up for a hearing in committee (much less make it to the full Senate).

What I am asking of all of you is to do 2 things, and then ask 10 of your friends to do the same.

1. Post written testimony of why you think that Obamacare must be nullified at the state level to protect Oregonians. You can email it to Brian.Nieubuurt@state.or.us that is the email address for the healthcare committee administrator.

2. do 2 of these email, call, and/or make an appointment with a member of the healthcare committee, and make your arguments there as well. Their names are on this web page: http://www.leg.state.or.us/committees/

I hope if we do this, and enough others (the ones you forward this to) do as well, that we can let them know we really care about this legislation and at least get a fair hearing in committee. This is urgent, because if they don’t have enough interest in the bill quickly, they may just kill it without a hearing. Thanks for your time.

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