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December 7 being the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor tragedy in 1941, hosts Michael Boldin and Nick Hankoff spend most of their time on something that’s not discussed enough in constitutional circles – war powers and the constitution. They’re joined for 2 full segments by someone who is probably the nation’s leading expert on war powers, Dr. Louis Fisher – who spent four decades working at the Library of Congress as Senior Specialist in Separation of Powers, and is currently Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project.

We’re also joined by Christopher Lasch, Assistant Professor at the Sturm College of Law in Denver to talk to us about another hot button issue – Immigration and how it relates to States Rights.

John Michaels has been lining up a ton of great guests for the next couple months. He pops in for a few to let us know what’s coming up here on Tenther Radio. A short list? Sheriff Richard Mack, Tom Woods, Kevin Gutzman, Stewart Rhodes, John Bush, Jack Hunter – and more. Awesome lineup ahead!

Closing the night, Michael goes on his regular show-ending Tenther Rant – to discuss policy, principles the founders – and foreign policy.

“This system will not hurry us into war; it is calculated to guard against it.”
–James Wilson

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