From a segment on the 28th Episode of Tenther Radio – starts at approximately 8 minutes into the show. Here’s a collection of the most-read articles from the Tenth Amendment Center website over the course of the year. Remember reading any of these? Any others that you found important that weren’t on the list?

10. Only Congress can Declare War

9. 9 states and counting to consider nullification of Obamacare

8. You Don’t have “Constitutional Rights”

7. What is the Constitution

6. New Mexico Law and Local Sheriff Trumps Feds

5. Former Miss USA left in tears at TSA checkpoint

4. Feds threaten No-Fly zone for Texas

3. Texas legislation proposes felony charges for TSA Agents

2. The 10th Amendment Nullification Movement – legislative tracking page

1. In public statement, TSA lies about the Constitution

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