Action Alert: Help Nullify Obamacare in South Carolina

H3101, the “Obamacare Nullification” bill, passed by a strong vote in the House but has been getting stonewalled in the Senate.  That resistance cracked this week with HEAVY grassroots pressure and support.  The Senate recalled H3101 out of the finance committee with a vote of 26-19.   The Senate then followed up with a “special order” vote of 28-16 – to move H3101 towards the top of the schedule.

This was absolutely necessary because the legislative deadline for 2013 is coming up within a few short days.  BUT, the special order vote was to put the bill BEHIND the ethics bill. It has only a slim chance to be voted on in time unless it’s moved AHEAD of ethics.  Listen to Senator Lee Bright on the South Carolina’s radio show Jonathan and Kelly on May 30th hour 2 radio show here.

Please take the following actions today – over the weekend and in the evening as well – to help H3101 move forward!


1. Call your State Senator. Tell them to vote YES on H3101 before the session ends.

Find your Senator here:

2. Contact the Governor.  Call Governor Haley. Tell her to pressure the Senate to vote on H3101 before ethics. Tell her we won’t support ethics until H3101 gets an up or down vote first.

Call Governor Nikki Haley here: (803) 734-2100