Tenth Amendment Center is looking for volunteer LEADERS looking to make a difference. If you’re interested, read on, and comment below to let us know you’d like to get involved.

We’re working on launching national campaigns to nullify unconstitutional federal acts in the following areas –

Drone Surveillance
Industrial Hemp Farming
Asset Forfeiture
Marijuana Prohibition
Common Core

You: Willing to spend 3-5 hours/week. Recognize that state and local solutions are the path forward. Will not be distracted by federal elections in 2014-16. Support a step-by-step approach. Know a bit, but want to learn more. Willing to work with people who may disagree with you on other issues. Can write, or will learn how. Reliable. Comfortable communicating by email or phone. Professional. Ready to get to work.

Us: Will provide the tools and training you need to get the job done. This is a slow process and we view all projects as 2-5 year efforts.

Interested? Comment below or email us at team @ tenthamendmentcenter.com

Michael Boldin