In the Bush years, I was often called an “America-hater” or told to “move to Cuba.” In the Obama years, I’m regularly called a racist, or a part of the “radical right”
That’s to be expected. President-worshippers always hate the Tenth Amendment Center.  They expect us to fall in line – to support the president, rather than the Constitution.  After all, they tell us, he’s “our President,” and we “need to come together right now.”
Today, I got a good example of the insanity of the worshipping to come under President Trump. Here’s an email I received in response to what I thought was a very moderate, if not too moderate, “Open Letter to President-Elect Trump.” (spelling and CAPS left in-tact) 
Mr. Boldin,
I CANNOT BELIEVE the RUDENESS of your salutation to President-elect Donald Trump.
“Trump” ?? JUST “Trump”… SERIOUSLY?
ABSOLUTELY one of, if not the MOST, ILL-MANNERED INSULTING thing I have EVER seen in my plus 60 years.
HOW DARE YOU! Didn’t your Mother teach you ANY MANNERS?
If she did, she would be ASHAMED of you.
Obviously, you think that your PERSONAL FEELINGS about OUR new President-elect makes it ok for you to be publicly disrespectful.
YOU are NO different than the liberal twats who are being PAID to riot and hide behind the very Constitution that ONLY GUARANTEES “peaceful assembly.”
Actually, you are WORSE.
You have hidden behind and ABUSED your position of RESPONSIBILITY in speaking for those who support the CAUSE and BETRAYED the very soapbox you stand on.
You can stand there ALONE.
I stand with President-elect
Mr. Donald J. Trump.
Sincerely DISGUSTED,
Rayna St.Clair
President-worshippers are blinded by their love for their leader. Respect for the boss is more important than reading, than the Constitution, than liberty – than anything.  They’re gross. And dangerous.
Michael Boldin

The 10th Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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