Our state legislators’ right and duty

The following was an email we sent to each legislator in Utah last week.

Dear Legislator,

I hope that by now you’ve had the time to read, or at least thumb through, the copy of Nullification you were recently sent. Whether or not you agree with all the points presented in the book, the compilation of historical examples, quotes, and sources provide a frighteningly relevant comparison to our own political climate.

I wanted to briefly share with you a quote which I think encapsulates your charges as legislators for the sovereign state of Utah. The following is from Governor Jonathan Trumbull, speaking to the state legislature in his state, Connecticut, in 1809:


Is DC “Seeing The Light” On States Rights?

This republic was founded as a compact by the several states to form a national government, but that notion has been forgotten for some time now as Leviathan has usurped power from the states at every turn, having shown a blatant disregard for the 10th Amendment.

But times they are a changing and we the people are waking up and realizing that we need to stand up and take back what is rightfully ours. To this end Professor Randy Barnett has proposed an amendment to the Constitution, the Repeal Amendment, whereby the states would be able to repeal any federal law if 2/3 of the states see fit.