Maharrey Minute

A World Record For Lying?

When Congress was sworn in earlier this month, 535 people swore to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution. Did this set the world record for the most people telling the exact same lie at the exact same time? Not a single person in congress who swore an oath to...

Was This Emailer Drunk?

I get some – interesting – emails in my Tenth Amendment Center inbox. Our goal is the same no matter which person sits in the White House: #Nullify all their unconstitutional acts into oblivion. @mmaharrey10th#10thAmendment #constitution #liberty...

Having a Muscle Car Turned Me Into a Jerk

Having a muscle car for a weekend turned me into a jerk. There’s an important lesson for politics here. When you give politicians a whole bunch of power, they're going to want to use it. @mmaharrey10th#truth #liberty #constitution #10thAmendment...

The Kentucky Resolutions Were All About Nullification

Some skeptics claim that the Kentucky Resolutions weren’t really about nullification because John Breckinridge took the word “nullification” out of Jefferson’s draft before he introduced them in the Kentucky legislature. But I have found new...

Republicans Have Nothing to Stand On

Joe Biden is about to take office and we will undoubtedly see a massive increase in the size and scope of government in the next four years. Socialism is dangerous whether it's republican-run – or from the democrats. @mmaharrey10th

Why Quote Alexander Hamilton?

I confess — I can’t stand Alexander Hamilton Hamilton did more than any other founding figure with the possible exception of John Marshall to sew the seeds of the massive national government we have today. But still, I love using Alexander Hamilton quotes...

Concordia res parvae crescunt

Small things grow great by concord...

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“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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