Maharrey Minute

Republicans Join Democrats in Spending Boondoggle

Republicans have been complaining about Democrats spending too much money. But the $1 trillion infrastructure bill currently under debate (all 2,702 words of it) is being touted as “bipartisan.” That means Republicans have signed off on this. This tells me...

A Revolution in Thought

If all you have to go on is your high school history class, you probably think the American Revolution was all about “taxation without representation.” That was part of it, but there was also a deeper revolution – as John Adams described it, a...

Why Do We Care What This Guy Says?

Eight times a year, the Federal Reserve holds a meeting. Markets react wildly to the messaging coming out of these central bank gatherings, especially to what the Fed chairman says. This raises a question: why do we care so much about what a bunch of politically...

Just Because They Can Doesn’t Mean They Should

Just because I point out that a government has a certain power doesn’t necessarily mean I think it should use it. Just because a government CAN do something, doesn't mean it should. And most of the time, it shouldn't. @mmaharrey10th#truth #politics...


What happens when you do something that voids your warranty? The company no longer honors it. The warranty is no longer in effect. It is unenforcible. Many people in the founding generation said that any federal act no authorized by the Constitution is...

We Don’t Really Need a “Debt Ceiling”

Brace yourself. We’re in for another “debt ceiling” battle on Capitol Hill. But we don’t even really need a borrowing ceiling. There’s one built into the Constitution. It’s the enumerated powers. They would naturally limit borrowing...

Concordia res parvae crescunt

Small things grow great by concord...

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“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”



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