Tenther Radio 08-31-11. A Lesson on the General Welfare Clause

Please join us for TRX: Tenther Radio on August 31, 2011 right here – listen live by clicking the play button at that time on the right. Join the conversation with your comments and questions by calling (323) 843-6008.

We’re honored to have a full educational hour on the General Welfare clause from Rob Natelson


Voting is not Enough

Ed Martin, congressional candidate, speaks on state sovereignty, interposition, and voting – at Nullify Now! Kansas City on August 20, 2011.


This is no time for just voting. Voting is not enough. But in both parties, we have too many leaders who think that’s the answer.


First Principles: Rethinking Calhoun

cross-posted from the Pennsylvania Tenth Amendment Center In Rethinking Calhoun at First Principles, The ISI Web Journal, Adam Tate reviews the book “Majority Rule versus Consensus: The Political Thought of John C. Calhoun .  Concluding, Read’s Majority Rule versus Consensus ultimately finds Calhoun’s argumentation unsatisfying and unhelpful for modern political problems.  In the last chapter Read provides numerous examples of the…