Powers must remain separated

We resist government power up until the moment we perceive that it will benefit our particular cause. Then we laud its brilliance.

You can scarcely turn on the radio or open a story on the web without  coming across a Republican complaining loudly about Pres. Obama and his tendency to use executive orders like a battering ram to knock down the walls separating government powers. If Congress won’t pass the laws he wants, Obama just legislates through the bureaucracy.

The GOP is right to protest. But sadly, if one of the Republican candidates should ascend to the White House throne  in 2012, he or she will undoubtedly continue the same practice. And we will hear crickets chirping from the right side of the political aisle. After all, the Republican president will wield those executive powers for “good” as opposed to those evil Democrats who only wanted to destroy America. Of course, the Dems will disagree, and caterwauling will replace the silence we’ve now come to expect from the left with “their man” in power.

Lost in all of the political jockeying – principle.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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As we gather together this Thanksgiving holiday, let’s take at least a few minutes to step back and breathe. Let’s push from our minds the imperial presidents, the attacks on our liberty, the obligations many of us feel to spend ourselves into oblivion, and so much more – and let’s focus on some good basic stuff that we can all be thankful for.

And let’s save a drumstick for the resisters – past, present and future…

In this special 1 hour Thanksgiving-Eve special broadcast of Tenther Radio


We’ve Had Enough Government ‘Stimulation’

After three years and $4 trillion in combined deficit spending, unemployment remains stubbornly high and the economy sluggish. That people are still asking what the government can do to stimulate the economy is mind-boggling.

That the Keynesian-inspired deficit spending binge did create jobs isn’t in question. The real question is whether it created any net jobs after all the negative effects of the spending and debt are taken into account. How many private-sector jobs were lost or not created in the first place because of the resources diverted to the government for its job creation? How many jobs are being lost or not created because of increased uncertainty in the business community over future tax increases and other detrimental government policies?

Don’t expect the disciples of interventionist government to attempt an answer to those questions any time soon. It has simply become gospel in some quarters that massive deficit spending is necessary to get the economy back on its feet.

The idea that government spending can “make up for” a slow-down in private economic activity has already been discredited by the historical record—including the Great Depression and Japan’s recent “lost decade.”

Our own history offers evidence that reducing the government’s footprint on the private sector is the better way to get the economy going.


Is (Iowa Conservative) Bob Vander Plaats for World Government?

The social conservative leader has ruled out Ron Paul for his organization’s endorsement because Paul believes in “states’ rights” across the board — rather an odd view for a Christian group to take. Christians, from Calvinists to Catholics, are supposed to believe in subsidiarity, an ancient principle of Christian social thought, whereby power is to be as…


Tenthers to the Left and Tenthers to the Right

Respecting the Tenth Amendment does not necessarily predispose allegiance to an economic theory. Thus both libertarians and socialists can enthusiastically agree that our national government is bound by strictly enumerated powers and save their blows for whether the sovereign states should adopt single payer health care schemes or operate liquor store monopolies.

Likewise political party is not the sine qua non of constitutional fidelity. Yes, certain factions in each can be fairly aligned with or against the Tenther movement. The Tea Party shares some contiguity with the Grand Old Party but by all accounts is more willing to defend our constitutional charter. The Occupy Wall Street movement overlaps the Democratic Party by sharing meaty bits of its Weltanschauung including a lack of sentimentality toward constitutional who-whats-its, and both claim Alec Baldwin as one of their own.

Among the viable Republican contenders for the presidential throne, Willard Mitt Romney is unapologetic in his total disregard for constitutional niceties. Mitt subrogates questions of constitutionality to claims of his management genius. Once upon a time, said Mitt, he was in favor of abolishing the Department of Education, because that position was “very popular with his base”. To Mitt’s credit it is only his base that has shifted; his constitutional promiscuity is firmly intact.


Congress, Butt Out! The Constitution Reserves Malpractice Reform for the States

In their zeal to adopt a federal malpractice reform bill to dictate procedures to state courts, many Republicans in Congress are doing precisely what they rightly accuse Democrats of doing: blithely disregarding the Constitution’s clear limits on federal power. Their proposals, once encapsulated in H.R. 5 and then slipped into the Senate Republican “jobs bill,” not only…


The Remedy to Save Our Nation

According a Supreme Court Ruling the Federal Government does not have the Constitutional Authority to dictate to the County Sheriff. He has sworn an Oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constititution and is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the County and takes his marching orders from the People he serves and the Constitution.…


SCOTUS Must be Reigned In!

I tremble with fear every time a serious constitutional question is put to the “Supreme Court”. Obvious to all but the willfully ignorant or ideologically blind, over the years SCOTUS has evolved into an essentially unbridled power unto itself. Guided by the principle of “judicial supremacy” vs “constitutional supremacy”, and tainted by politics, ideology and…


Thoughts on the ‘Minibus’ Spending Bill

The House is scheduled to vote this evening on a fiscal 2012 “minibus” packaging of three appropriations bills (Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science and Transportation-HUD) agreed to in conference on Monday. It includes a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through December 16th, thus avoiding a government “shutdown.” In sum, I think the bill is largely business…