Did George W. Bush destroy America? Will Gingrich?

Ruling class suggests Kim Jong-il’s son is in charge, as sclerotic North Korea like Greece pitches its third family member. And Jeb Bush likewise hovers this morning again at the top of the WSJ op ed page as his family seeks, strives and hopes for a brokered convention. Because without Bush (III) there is no America. And given the state of the Republican Party, crippled by money, influence, think tanks, nostalgia, the WSJ op ed page, too many Bushes and dead ideas as it seeks it’s worthy, it is not unlikely. Newt Gingrich? That Gingrich this weekend brings in Abraham Lincoln, liberator of the world, avatar of the awakening centuries, to legitimize a miscreant like George W. Bush and advance his own feral visions of dictatorship and authoritarianism borders on the demonic. Iowa voters take note.

Time measures us by the size and status of our enemies: Nelson/Napolean, Grant/Lee, Churchill/Hitler, Roosevelt/ Stalin, George W. Bush/Kim Jong-il. But Gingrich begins the age. His claim that if elected president he would reign in the judiciary is a brilliant and dangerous ploy, peeling back the illusions of the American dilemma and slashing its idols, Lincoln, to expand his ever-growing girth. The Presidency has the right to reign in the Supreme Court, he claims, because it has done so twice before. The president of course has no right to reign in the Supreme Court and a president who does so should be thrown in the D.C. jail with the general population.

Then what was Lincoln’s authority in the invasion of the South and for freeing the slaves? Not the constitution. “Higher law.” The law of God. In freeing the slaves Lincoln took the “higher law” path and even Rand Paul, primo libertarian and states’ rights advocate, acknowledges that morally, he did the right thing. Likewise, in the same theme and forum, God apparently gave Bush the right to torture the already pitiful foreign devils under the thumb of Osama bin Laden.


The Fed vs. The 14th Amendment and Christian Tolerance

“Christians came up with the idea of Tolerance.” Says Bill Federer, an individual whose work seeks to reassert the conveniently ignored influence that Christianity played in history of the United States. Mr. Federer, author of America’s God and Country, and The Original Thirteen, appeared on Frank Turek’s Cross Examined in order to explain his position. “After having read through every charter of every colony, I found that every Colony was started by a different Christian denomination.” (Example: Virginia founded by Anglicans, Massachusetts founded by Puritans, and Rhode Island founded by Baptists)

“After Luther’s reformation,” says Federer, “every country adopted their own favorite religion – which meant that if you didn’t believe the way the king did, you were persecuted. As a result, there was a mass migration of people around Europe in the 1600’s, and some of these came to America to start colonies. The only fear they had was the Federal Government picking one Christian denomination and making it the national one. So they passed the first amendment saying that Congress shall make no law respecting (concerning) an establishment (mandatory membership and taxation) of religion. Why? Because states like Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts already had established denominations of congregationalism – and they didn’t want the Federal Government to tell them to believe something different.”