Sheriff First legislation considered in Missouri

Missouri State Senator Jim Lembke has introduced SB 600. The act would amend chapter 544, RSMo by adding one new section relating to the service of warrants by agents of the federal government, requiring them to notify the county sheriff prior to service.

This Bill is identical to SB 85, introduced in 2011 by Senator Lembke.  The Bill was referred to the Judiciary and Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence  Committee on Jan. 26.

The Bill would add a new section to chapter 544 reading as follows:

For any warrant that is issued by a court of the United States that is to be served within the boundaries of this state, the federal agent responsible for serving the warrant shall, prior to such service, notify the sheriff of the county where the warrant is to be served. Such notification shall be made in person at the office of the county sheriff and shall identify the person subject to the warrant.