Congress Seeks To Establish Ministry of Truth?

by KrisAnne Hall,

Once again, the National Defense Authorization Act is used as a Trojan horse to unload  a dangerous threat on America.  This time it is offered up in an amendment sponsored by Representative Thornberry from Texas and its called Dissemination of Information Abroad.  This bill has also been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs as a separate bill titled HR 5736, The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. This bill will overturn a prohibition that has been in place since 1948 and make it possible for the US Government to fund the dissemination of propaganda to influence American citizens.

Immediately, the question comes up, why should we care?  Isn’t domestic propaganda something that this administration has been engaging since 2008? Would any of us disagree that the mainstream media is a tool of this administration?  Read on and see just why there should be national outrage over this bill.

Woodrow Wilson established the Committee on Public Information through an  executive order with the purpose of influencing American public opinion toward supporting the US involvement in World War I. The man appointed to be the chairman over this committee was George Creel, a well renowned investigative journalist and editor of the Rocky Mountain News.

In 1942, FDR established the United States Office of War Information by executive order to “truthfully inform” the American people about the government’s efforts in World War II.  FDR appointed Elmer Davis, a well-known CBS News analyst, as director of OWI.  Davis’ job was to coordinate information from the military and mobilize public support of the war.  OWI was to create an avenue for the government to develop and disseminate the information that they believed people needed to know about the war.


Arizona Nullification Initiative Making Headway

PHOENIX (May 28, 2012) – Arizonians wanting their state to step in, interpose and roll back unconstitutional federal overreach experienced their share of frustration this last legislative session. Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed two pieces of strong state sovereignty legislation, including an NDAA state non-compliance bill and a sheriff’s first act, which would have required the feds to notify county sheriffs before taking police action within a county.

In November, citizens of Arizona will likely get the opportunity to bypass all of the political wrangling and make it known that they want their state to put a halt to federal overreach through an amendment to the state Constitution via ballot initiative.

If passed, language affirming the state’s right to nullify unconstitutional acts would become part of the Arizona State Constitution.

The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land and may not be violated by the federal, state, or any local government. To protect their freedoms and preserve the checks and balances of the United States Constitution, the people of Arizona are empowered to reject any federal action that they determine violates the United States Constitution. In addition to all other available legal remedies, they may do so by 1) a majority of votes cast in an initiative or referendum, or 2) a majority vote of their representatives in both houses of the legislature with the signature of the governor.

Supporters of the Checks and Balances initiative say they already have half of the 320,000 required signatures to get it on the ballot next fall.