The ‘No More Solyndras Act’ Charade

Last week, the House passed the “No More Solyndras Act” on a mostly party-line vote. However, instead of terminating the Department of Energy loan guarantee program that subsidized Solyndra and other boondoggles, the bill allows applicants who filed before the first of this year to still receive handouts. The DOE will still have $34 billion in…


New Jersey Action Alert S2135/A3186

As mentioned in Thursday’s post, the New Jersey Legislature is once again pushing for the implementation of the state health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  The Senate version, S2135, has been introduced, and will be considered by the Commerce Committee October 1.  The Assembly’s bill, A3168, Was also introduced to the Health and Senior Services Committee.  Currently, We have no information concerning a date if and when it will be considered.

Contact Senator Gill, Chair of the Commerce Committee and primary sponsor, at (973) 509-0388 to urge her to withdraw the bill.  Additionally, contact the other committee members (three Democrats and two Republicans) to kill this bill in committee, especially if your Senator happens to be a committee member.  Also contact your own Senators and tell them to oppose this bill if it comes up for another vote in the full Senate.

The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee must also hear from us.  Contact the committee members and your own representatives in the Assembly.

In addition, Governor Christie needs to hear us loud and clear.  We still don’t want ObamaCare in our state!  Should both bills reach the Governor’s desk again, it must be met with the same actions as last time – a veto.