An Evening With the Lake Country Defenders of Liberty

I had the privilege of being invited to speak to the Lake Country Defenders of Liberty last night. I believe that last night marked their 1 year anniversary as a group. They were pleasant, aware and very engaged in today’s events. I made a presentation followed by an excellent question and answer session. I’ll recap the main parts of the discussion as they are relevant to us all.

In the first 2 years of this administration we have had 3 Constitutional crises. First would be the president disenfranchising the investors in both GM and Chrysler, forcing a bankruptcy on them under his terms and the government taking over ownership of these companies. Second, we have the health care mandate. Someone who professes to be a constitutional scholar should know that this law is unconstitutional on its base. No matter what clause they decide to use, the government cannot force you to get up off the couch and participate in commerce. Never before in our society has it been necessary that the sovereign citizens of the states that form this great republic be forced to purchase anything as a condition of their citizenship. Third, we have the commander in chief unilaterally order the delivery of hundreds of tomahawk missiles to a sovereign nation that did not order them. He did not consult congress and had no Constitutional authority to order an attack on a sovereign nation. Even being pressed for time to make a flight for his vacation to Rio is not covered by the War Powers Act.