The Road to Decentralization

The heat is rising and the stakes are certainly high as our state sovereignty movement continues to grow, reflecting the mainstream nature of the principles that bind us as lovers of liberty and natural rights.

As the movement grows, so have charges from the supporters of centralized government, framing the sovereignty movement as many things. Those in the corporate media seek to characterize our cause in a disparaging light- some say that we are simply a radical wing of the republican party, others claim that we are corporate operatives seeking only to damage the Democratic momentum.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


The Commune: Contrary to Obama’s Ideology

Ideals are the basis of much seen in the political world, though ironically ideology rarely is realized in a pure manifestation – this is a basic fact of nature. Black Bear Ranch, a commune in Northern California is an iconic example of the ideas of collective effort, concepts cherished by those who support the Obama…


Rally Announcement: Harrisburg PA, November 14th

Our friends at Pennsylvania Freedom Allies are getting patriots together for a BIG event in PA. Here are the details: Harrisburg Rally, November 14, 2009, 2:30 PM. Why be there: To Encourage each other, and notify the Pennsylvania Elected employees we shall not go away, and we will come to their front door if necessary.…


There Are Two Sides, Which One Are You On?

Forget everything you know about politics.  Forget the age old story about the Democrats and the Republicans, where one side is good and the other side are a bunch of America hating vats of pure evil.  Forget about the left vs right debate, forget about conservative vs liberal.  At this stage in the game, there…


With Divided Power Comes Great Responsibility

When one examines the mindset of those who support a centralized government structure, there is one common element that is found in both the Neo-Conservative model and the current socialist regime- fear.

During the W Bush years, many who sought protection from what they feared were willing to cede liberty and freedom in exchange for a perceived protection from bad things.  Fearful Americans abided as wonton attacks on our constitutional rights were made right out in the open


The 10-4 Pledge: Scraping Away Political Teflon

Many times in the world of political struggle, promises are made without disclosure of an ulterior motive.  Not so with the Tenth Amendment Center’s 10-4 Pledge and many are already picking up on what this new tool means for the republic. Last week, Rusty Richter, a state candidate in Michigan, became one of the latest…


Another Victory for the States

Skeptical statists will tell you that the 10th Amendment doesn’t have teeth, that is has not been backed by the the Supreme Court, that we who are rallying behind it are a silly novelty.  They are greatly missing the point.

The Tenth Amendment movement does not wait for approval from Federal lawmakers or courts to be validated, nor does it need to.  The first example in the past decade of state sovereignty scoring a victory without official acknowledgement from DC came when the REAL ID program (Papers please…) came to a grinding halt after multiple states simply said they wouldn’t do it.

What was the response of all powerful Federal behemoth to such insolence?  Not much at all really.

There were no tanks rolling down the streets, no court decisions, no legislative debate- REAL ID simply went away quietly once the states asserted their rightful position under the 10th Amendment to nullify an unconstitutional Federal move.