Interview: Michael Boldin talks Nullification, NSA and Coalition Building on Tom Woods Radio

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Yesterday, TAC founder Michael Boldin returned to the Tom Woods show for another #TentherTuesday interview.  Tom and Michael discussed the recent State of the Nullification Movement Report just released by the TAC, coalition-building with groups across the political spectrum, power-loving media “reporters,” and the #NullifyNSA campaign.


Oaths of Office and the Tenth Amendment

On March 31st, I was a guest on The Dignitary podcast. The show’s topic was the oath of office that politicians take, particularly that of upholding the Constitution. The Dignitary’s host, Jacob, and I discussed NSA spying and the importance of the Tenth Amendment Center’s motto, “The Constitution. Every issue, every time. No exceptions, no excuses.”



Interview: Setting the precedent against NSA

On March 27 Michael Maharrey was a guest on Clarkcast to discuss the Forth Amendment Protection ACT in the state of Michigan. They covered nullification generally before moving on to the more specific topic of HB5420 – introduced by representative Tom McMillin and supported by a bipartisan coalition.